EA’s Top Games in 2015

What are the best games made by Electronic Arts in 2015?

EA is inching nearer to the launch of Battlefield: Hardline, though the publisher certainly has plenty more approaching in 2015, many of which we still haven’t heard lots about. Obviously, the yearly sports games will most likely arrive this season, with the non-sports games we’ve got plenty of news to listen for.

As it is usually been the situation, Star Wars: Battlefront is slated to build alongside Star Wars: Episode VII later this current year. The publisher hasn’t provided many information about the title since we’d a concise developer diary last year at E3. With nothing being said about the game since, individuals have been wondering just what current state with this is.

Fans usually takes a deep breath considering that the game are not delayed, at the very least as of today. In a recent earnings demand this company, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen spoke with regards to the upcoming game Star Wars: Battlefront, confirmed that it must be going to launch prior to Christmas of in 2010 and divulged home elevators expectations on this.
“We’re extremely eager for that. We think there’s huge possibility of that title. More at a later date in the next several months on that as more regarding the movie arrives too weight reduction about our title arrives. You should consider abdominal muscles large activity for those [this coming year] and also a large focus–similar to how we’ve considered Battlefields previously,” Jorgensen said.

While it turned out expected that EA offers a strong push for Star Wars: Battlefront, it’s reassuring to know it from executives in the business. Leading up to E3, we expect more news and announcements at a later date out regarding farmville, when we don’t hear anything pre-E3 2015, then that event certainly will bring big news for ones game.
In addition to speaking about Battlefront around the earnings call, EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson said in 2010’s Need for Speed is arriving along well that is “looking spectacular.” The game will be being manufactured by the folks at Ghost Games. We haven’t seen a AAA core Need for Speed game since 2013’s Rivals launched. It’ll be interested to learn how farmville is shaping up, in addition to whether or not it will likely be cross-gen.
We still would not have many details around the next Mirror’s Edge or Mass Effect. It’s fair you may anticipate these games to produce in 2016 or later because the latest updates in the studios creating those games indicate are still from the beginning of development. E3 2015 is actually a major site on your industry and we’re expecting big things out on this as usual.